Fiber optic cable dummy resource management testing solution

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OPWILL provides a cost-effective comprehensive testing solution for the verification, testing, and information collection of optical cable mute resources accumulated by operators over a long period of time.

Fiber optic cable dummy resource management testing solution

Fiber optic cable dummy resource management

Dummy resources refer to resources that are passive and cannot be managed, monitored, or collected through network management.

The management scope of the full lifecycle management process of dummy resources includes construction planning management, demand management, project initiation management, design management, construction management, acceptance management, and operation and maintenance management of dummy resources. However, currently, network operators do not have a good solution for fiber optic cable mute resource management, and there are many problems.

OPWILL iOTDR is a fiber optic intelligent testing system based on cloud data platforms, which includes a three-layer structure of intelligent testing terminals, cloud data storage systems, and testing management and intelligent analysis systems. It can solve the aforementioned problems and meet the needs of network development and evolution for fiber optic dummy resource testing management.

The iOTDR intelligent testing and management system has automatic one click testing, automatic uploading of test results to the cloud system, automatic analysis of test results, automatic data statistics, process monitoring, result verification, multi-dimensional report analysis, and output reports according to customized report templates. And can be combined with the work order system of network operators.

iOTDR provides a fiber optic cable dummy resource testing and management system for network operators.