Analysis and Testing Plan for Private Network Time Synchronization Performance

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A professional network time synchronization performance analysis and testing solution based on Beidou timing.

Analysis and Testing Plan for Private Network Time Synchronization Performance

With the continuous improvement of railway speed and the cross line and cross district operation of railways, time synchronization is becoming increasingly important. The railway time synchronization network provides a unified standard time signal for the clock systems of various railway transportation services, synchronizes the clock equipment of each system with this system, and ensures the timing preparation for the operation of each railway system. At the same time, provide unified baseline time information for railway dispatchers, station duty officers, staff of various departments related to train operation, and station passengers.

The power communication network has also established a complete clock synchronization network, providing unified time clock information for secondary power systems or equipment such as power dispatch automation systems, substation automation systems, fault recording and broadcasting devices, and safety automation devices.

However, the current time synchronization network of power and railway systems lacks effective means of time synchronization and time accuracy detection. Therefore, in response to this situation, OPWELL has launched the OTM2800 synchronization performance analyzer for the testing of private network time synchronization networks.