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Transmission Test

OTM2515/OTM2516/OTM2517 -- 155M/622M/2.5G SDH/SONET Tester

OTM2515 (155M), OTM2516 (622M), and OTM2517(2.5G) SDH/SONET Module is a battery-operated handheld test solution for testing legacy PDH/DSn,SDH/SONET circuits from 2.5Gbps to 2Mbps/1.5Mbps,both in-service and out-of-services, supports overhead monitoring, APS timing etc. OTM2515 can be upgraded to OTM2516 or OTM2517. OTM2516 can be upgraded to OTM2517. This module is compatible with OTP6200v2 (OPWILL Intelligent Network Test Platform).

OTM2612 -- 10G Ethernet/SDH/OTN Tester

OTM2612 10G Packet Ethernet/SDH/OTN Test Module is a multi service test solution for the installation and maintenace for Metro/Carrier Ethernet, IP service, SDH/SONET, OTN circuit test up to 10G. Not only does it supply a compact test solution for 10G packet Ethernet, include ITU-T Y.1564 Standard for SLA test features, but also for SDH/SONET supports Out-of Service test, Round Trip Delay, In-service test, overhead controlling and decoding, troubleshooting, APS timing etc. This module is compatible with OTP6200v2 (OPWILL Intelligent Test Platform).

OTM2620 -- 100G Ethernet/OTN Modulea

OTM2620 100G Test Module is a new modular product, which is released by OPWILL in 2015. This module is designed for satisfying the current increasingly test demand of Core Network and MAN 100GE/40GE and OTU4/OTU3E1/OTU3E2/OTU3 such high speed network performance and stability. This module is compatible with OTP6200v2 (OPWILL Intelligent Network Test Platform).

OTP6126 -- Handheld Ethernet Test Set

OTP6126 Handheld Gigabit Ethernet Test Set is designed and manufactured by OPWILL, which is specialised in one Gigabit Ethernet network deployment and comprehensive test, and compatible with indoor laboratory and outdoor field environment. It can fully meet Ethernet standard, support the latest version of ITU-T; Y.1564; IETF RFC2544; IETF RFC3393; IEEE 802.3; IEEE802.1 standards or recommendations and so on.
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