About us

It is OPWILL's mission to promote continuous innovation in testing and measurement!

Development history


In 2023, a "specialized, refined, and innovative" enterprise in Beijing


In 2022, Undertaken the research and development project of high-end instruments for the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's information and innovation category


In 2021, We will break through the professional network market and undertake the high-end instrument development project of the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission


In 2017, the overseas market broke through the scale of sales and multiple products won the bid from BSNL in India


In 2016, the 100G optical transmission tester product was released and won the bid for China Mobile. The OTDR category was shortlisted for China Telecom


In 2015, the testing instrument product won the bid from India's BSNL and became a qualified supplier for ZTE Communications


In 2014, all testing instrument products were once again nominated for centralized procurement by China Mobile headquarters


In 2013, multiple models including 10G SDH transmission testers won the bid from China Unicom, undertaking the research and development of major national instruments and equipment, and launching the research and development of 100G testing instruments


In 2012, multiple instrument products won the bid for centralized procurement by China Mobile headquarters, and testing instrument products served the London Olympics, obtaining the first patent


In 2011, the 10G SDH optical transmission tester product was released


In 2010, obtained the qualification of a high-tech enterprise and released the first OTP6123 optical time-domain reflectometer product, receiving the first overseas order


In 2009, we received our first order, 155M SDH transmission testing instrument, and FiberHome Technology


In 2008, the first product, the Gigabit Ethernet tester OTP6126, was released


In 2007, the company was registered and established in Zhongguancun, Beijing