Key customer data dedicated line testing solution

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For large customer data dedicated lines, OPWILL provides professional and precise testing solutions for dedicated line performance indicators.

Key customer data dedicated line testing solution

In the customer base of operators, government, enterprise groups, banks, insurance and other customers are important customers. These customers generally use E1 dedicated lines, SDH/MSTP dedicated lines, and IP dedicated lines to provide bandwidth, communication between branch offices, internet access, and other services. For the maintenance of these customers, the maintenance engineers of the operator mainly face two issues. Firstly, customers have doubts about the bandwidth of the access circuit, mainly focusing on the Ethernet circuit access bandwidth provided through SDH/MSTP networks; The second is to meet customer requirements, provide higher service quality and faster response speed, and be able to quickly locate and solve fault points when customer circuit faults occur.

OPWILL provides professional testing solutions for large customer dedicated lines, allowing operators to provide low latency, high standard dedicated line services to group customers, thereby greatly improving user perception and KPI assessment of group customer departments.