OTM2610 -- 10G Packet Ethernet Test Module

OTM2610 10G Packet Ethernet Module is a compact test solution for the installation and maintenance for Metro/Carrier Ethernet and IP services. It supplies a compact test solution for 10G packet Ethernet include ITU-T Y.1564 standard for SLA and OAM test features. This module is compatible with OTP6200v2 (OPWILL Intelligent Network Test Platform).

key word:


Transmission Test




10 Gbit/s data stream in maximum;

RFC2544 test includes throughput, latency, frame loss, and back-to-back;

IEEE802.3ah, IEEE802.1ag, ITU-T Y.1731 and ITU-T G.8113.1 OAM test;

RFC3393 packet jitter test;

Y.1564 test;

BERT and Loopback test from layer 1 to layer 4 with or without VLAN and MPLS tags;

Generate up to 512 traffic flows with different MAC address, VLAN tags, MPLS, IP address,TCP/UDP, payload and bandwidth;

Service disruption test;



RFC2544 Test:

OTM2610 fully meets RFC2544 standard, supports Throughput; Latency; Frame loss; and Back-to-Back test in metro network, and can be able to generate a complete test report.



Frame Loss Test;

Back-to-back Test.

BERT Test:

Ethernet BERT test adopts the similar principle of SDH BERT test. It is by transferring the Ethernet frames with special test code, then analyse these frames at the receiver to test the network.

Multi-Stream Test:

OTM2610 supports to generate multiple data streams to test the forward ability of these service in Ethernet network. In addition, multiple data streams can be set as different priority.

OAM Test:

OAM test supports IEEE 802.3ah, IEEE 802.1ag, ITU-T Y.1731, and ITU-T G.8113.1 OAM link and services protocol. It includes partner link detection, remote loopback, MIB retrieval, and link event notification. It also can check network connection, connection ring back; generate link trace messages, and analyse service level of OAM test application. ITU-T Y.1731 OAM message can practice frame loss performance verification. ITU-T G.8113.1 OAM message can verify the PTN network, and practice and the frame loss performance verification.

Y.1564 Test:

RFC2544 was the most popular standard for Ethernet test. However, it is specially designed for indoor network facilities test, not suitable for outdoor field test. Hence, ITU‐T Y.1564sam is particularly introduced for telecom operator to do Ethernet network service launch and fault diagnosis. Compared with RFC2544, it includes critical SLA standards such as packet jitter identification and QoS measurements, which could increase test speed promptly, save test time and resource, and optimises QoS.

Network Configuration Test:

Network configuration test will conduct a test for every service to verify whether the service configuration is correct or not, and whether all specific KPI or SLA parameters have been satisfied.

Performance Test:

When the configuration of every service has been checked, and verified successfully, OTP6126 will conduct a test for the quality of service simultaneously.

Key Features

One 10G Base-X test interface;

Perform throughput, latency, frame loss, and back-to-back measurements per industry-standard RFC2544;

Network configuration testing and performance testing per standard ITU-T Y.1564;

Generate up to 512 traffic flows with different MAC address, VLAN tags, MPLS, IP address, TCP/UDP, payload, and bandwidth;

RFC2544 and Y.1564 Bidirectional testing;

IEEE802.3ah, IEEE802.1ag, ITU-T Y.1731, and ITU-T G.8113.1 OAM support;

Traffic scan according with MAC, IP, VLAN, MPLS Label, and so on;

Ethernet BER and Loopback testing at Layer 1, Layer 2, Layer 3 and Layer 4, with or without VLAN and MPLS tags;

VoIP jitter testing according with standard RFC3393;

MAC and VLAN flooding;

IPv4 and IPv6 traffic generation;

Smart Loop mode for Layer 1, Layer 2, Layer 3, and Layer 4;

Service disruption test;

ESMC SSM generation, monitoring and decoding.

Test Solution:

Specifications file:

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