Chongqing Unicom Joins Hands with ZTE to Complete the Commercial Trial of Computing Power Network OSU



Chongqing Unicom Joins Hands with ZTE to Complete the Commercial Trial of Computing Power Network OSU

C114 communication network

Recently, China Unicom Chongqing Company (hereinafter referred to as "Chongqing Unicom") collaborated with ZTE to complete the commercial trial of the computing power network OSU, fully verifying the ability to support OSU based on the smooth upgrade of existing network devices, as well as the end-to-end opening of OSU services, delay measurement, lossless bandwidth adjustment, automatic launch of CPE devices, and business protection functions. This reflects the advantages of OSU in carrying dedicated line services compared to traditional VC and ODUk technologies. The successful completion of this project has laid a solid foundation for Chongqing Unicom to build a high-quality government enterprise boutique network and the subsequent commercial deployment of computing power networks.

With the digital transformation of the entire industry and the continuous growth of edge data center traffic, it has become an industry consensus for OTN to sink to the edge of the network. At the same time, high-value dedicated line services such as government, finance, and large enterprises have put forward higher requirements for bandwidth, latency, agility, and other aspects. Therefore, how to achieve high-quality carrying of government enterprise dedicated line services has become a focus issue in the industry.
To address the above issues, Chongqing Unicom has partnered with ZTE to conduct OSU related functional verification based on the current OTN network. This test verified the mixed bearing capacity of services, service latency, lossless bandwidth adjustment of 2Mbit/s~100Gbit/s services with different granularity based on OSU technology, end-to-end opening of services with one click, and automatic launch of CPE under different bearing modes such as OSU/VC/ODUk. It also verified the commercialization of ZTE's OSU solution and its advantages in protecting investment in existing network equipment, It has been fully demonstrated that this solution can meet the needs of dedicated line users for fast business opening, flexible bandwidth adjustment, latency, and other aspects, and can further assist operators in high-quality development of government enterprise dedicated line services.
Digital road building, carrying foundation building, Chongqing Unicom actively conducts innovative technological research and practical exploration in computing power network construction from the perspective of government enterprise dedicated lines. In the future, Chongqing Unicom will continue to work together with industry chain partners to build a digital intelligent optical network and promote the prosperity and development of the digital economy.